The 5 levels of compassion

Dr Gabor Maté, international best-selling author, explores inner judgement and the five levels of compassion. This is an excerpt from Trauma & Awakening, a 12 hour online course with Dr Gabor Maté and Hameed Ali (A H Almaas). To find out more, you can register for an additional free 3-part video series here.

Dr Gabor Maté

Dr Gabor Maté is a retired physician who, after 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience, worked for over a decade in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side with patients challenged by drug addiction and mental illness. The bestselling author of four books published in twenty-five languages, including the award-winning In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, Gabor is an internationally renowned speaker highly sought after for his expertise on addiction, trauma, childhood development, and the relationship of stress and illness. For his groundbreaking medical work and writing he has been awarded the Order of Canada, his country’s highest civilian distinction, and the Civic Merit Award from his hometown, Vancouver.

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