Day 1

Understanding how trauma manifests as symptoms in the brain, body and behaviors

"Impacts of trauma"

Jessica Lahey

The addiction inoculation

Dr Abdul-Ghaaliq Lalkhen

The root cause of pain

Said Dawlabani

Navigating the living journey of grief

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Trauma and immune responses in the brain

Dr David Hanscom

Transforming chronic pain

Cornelia Kastner

Managing stress and burnout after trauma

Dr Gabor Maté

The 5 levels of compassion

Dr Nzinga Harrison

Trauma, substance use and psychiatric disorders

Dr Arielle Schwartz

Becoming free from dissociation

Rafaella Fiallo

How trauma & PTSD can impact your sex life

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: What's your relationship with yourself?

Heather Mason

Yoga: Coordinating breath and movement

Alex Howard

Meditation to find presence

Day 2

Therapies designed to help you feel whole again

"Methodologies for healing trauma part 1"

Dr Peter Levine

Self-regulating for trauma healing

Karen Ortner

Tapping to release resistance to healing trauma

Dr Frank Anderson

Healing complex PTSD using IFS therapy

Roxy Manning

The impact of microaggressions and how to respond

Dr Darryl Tonemah

Modeling trauma techniques

Dr Sophia Graham

Healing trauma with DBT & radical self-acceptance

Jason Prall

Embracing our traumatized parts

Paul McKenna

Havening techniques for healing trauma

Deirdre Fay

Becoming safely embodied

J.C. Hall

Hip hop therapy

Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Using the change triangle for emotional education

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: Rediscover who you are

Heather Mason

Yoga: Grounding practice 1

Alex Howard

Meditation for deep relaxation

Day 3

Understanding intergenerational, cultural, social and institutional trauma.

"Collective trauma"

Thomas Hübl

Healing our collective trauma

Dr Stephen Porges

Trauma as a lens to understand cultural mistrust

Michelle Johnson

Processing collective grief

Dr Claudelle Glasgow (Dr g)

Trauma healing: remembering to forget

Caroline Myss

Why people don’t heal

Dr Alex Iantaffi

Understanding and healing from gender trauma

Rabbi Dr Tirzah Firestone

Healing intergenerational trauma

Vimalasara Mason-John

Recovering from sexual assault

Kimberly Weeks

Trauma and oppression

Dr Patrice Douglas

Mental health and racial trauma

Dr Kathy Hagler

Healing organizational trauma

Zayna Ratty

The trauma of concealment

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: What does your inner child feel

Heather Mason

Yoga: Grounding practice 2

Alex Howard

Meditation to cultivate deep rest

Day 4

When trauma happens in our close relationships and families, it requires a relational approach

"Relational trauma"

Rachel Brathen

How to love and let go

Heather Monroe

Healing relational trauma

Melanie Tonia Evans

Recovering from narcissistic abuse

David Cooley

Restorative relationship conversations

Dr Judith Orloff

The gifts of being an empath

Mel Cassidy

Trauma informed nonmonogamy

Dr Richard Kagan

Treatment for complex PTSD in children and families

Turiya Hanover

Healing the trauma of the feminine

Dr Liz Powell

Kink and trauma

Dr Ava Pommerenk

Recovering from betrayal

Alex Howard

The 3 core emotional needs

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: Self-care builds self-esteem

Heather Mason

Yoga: Pleasant scent and neuroplasticity

Alex Howard

Meditation to cultivate self-love

Day 5

Trauma healing is more than understanding, it requires full body integration

"Trauma and the body"

Dr Pedram Shojai

Committing to the journey of trauma healing

A H Almaas

Presence and awakening on the healing path

Heather Mason

Yoga therapy for trauma & PTSD

Dr David Treleaven

Trauma sensitive mindfulness

Dr Joe Dispenza

You are the placebo

Holly Wood

Healing sexual trauma

Britt Frank

The science of stuck

Dr Cathy Malchiodi

Expressive arts therapy

Carolyn Sargentson

The power of the exhale

Anat Baniel

Integration using the brain body connection

Michael Stone

Neurodynamic breathwork

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: The power of vulnerability

Heather Mason

Yoga: The breath and the parasympathetic response

Alex Howard

Surrender meditation

Day 6

Cutting edge psychedelics research and somatic approaches for treating trauma

"Methodologies for healing trauma part 2"

Dr Terence Ching

Understanding obsessive compulsive disorder

Dr Meg-John Barker

Trauma and plurality

Dr Pilar Jennings

Healing trauma with psychoanalysis and buddhism

Dr Eva Detko

Healing internal family systems

Andrew Penn

The future of psychedelics for healing trauma

Nick Ortner

Resolve your anxiety with tapping

Irene Lyon

Why a somatic approach is so critical

Jodi Cohen

Balancing the vagus nerve with essential oils

Crystle Lampitt

The myth of self-sabotage: getting unstuck

Tamara Andreas

Trauma as a gateway to core transformation

Monique Koven

Creating inner safety for healing trauma

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: It's okay to be you

Heather Mason

Yoga: Developing a new relationship with your body

Alex Howard

Gratitude meditation

Day 7

Supporting our healing from the inside out using nutrition, supplements and mindfulness

"Functional medicine"

Dr Tom O'Bryan

The 5 pillars of inflammation

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Healing anxiety & depression with natural medicine

Dr Christine Schaffner

Healing the toxic effects of trauma

Ocean Robbins

Food as medicine for healing trauma

Dr Aimie Apigian

The biology of trauma

Brian Vaszily

Freedom from the trauma of aging

Trudy Scott

Neurotransmitter imbalances and high cortisol in PTSD

Zeeba Khan

Ayurveda to heal & prevent illness after trauma

Dr Elena Villanueva

Using your thoughts actions and beliefs for healing

Dr David Perlmutter

Uric acid and balancing your metabolism

Andrea Nakayama

Addressing ancestral and in-utero trauma

Bonus Sessions

Alex Howard

In therapy: How to shift a negative state

Heather Mason

Yoga: Moving body scan

Alex Howard

Meditation for deep sleep

Meet your hosts

Alex Howard

Alex Howard is the Founder of Conscious Life. He is also Chairman of The Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics. With a team of 25 full time practitioners supporting thousands of patients in 50+ countries.

Alex is an immensely experienced psychology practitioner, having delivered more than 10,000 consultations. He has also led the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner programme since 2005, training the next generation of psychology practitioners. Since March 2020, Alex has been documenting his therapeutic work with real life patients via his In Therapy with Alex Howard YouTube series. 

Alex has published research in the British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health. His books, Why me? My Journey from ME to Health and Happiness, and Decode Your Fatigue: A clinically proven 12-step plan to increase your energy, heal your body and transform your life, are published by Hay House.

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Meagen Gibson

Meagen Gibson is the CEO of Conscious Life. Her career includes award-winning journalist, educator and entrepreneur. Meagen’s enthusiasm and energy for personal development led her to take the leadership role at Conscious Life. 

Meagen is passionate about taking complex concepts and distilling them down to simple, accessible applications we can use to take action in our everyday lives.

Meagen is an experienced teacher, facilitator, and speaker on the subjects of journalism, entrepreneurship, film and video as well as improv. 

Her previous television work in the U.S. includes The Voice and Who Do You Think You Are

Most recently, Meagen co-created and directed the series, How I Created A Cult, for Conscious Life. The series is currently available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV in North America. 

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Jaia Bristow

Jaia Bristow is a multiethnic queer content creator and group facilitator. She has been working in events and media production since 2010 and hosting groups around social identity since 2016. 

Jaia is the creator of Beyond Boxes, a podcast and youtube channel exploring labels and identity and runs in person workshops on power, privilege and prejudice open to the public and privately for groups. 

She has been practicing meditation since childhood, been a student of the Diamond Approach spiritual path since 2016 and training in nonviolent communication (NVC) since 2018. 

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